Saturday, October 2, 2010

Clean Machine

After six years, I finally wiped my hard drive and rebooted my computer from the original discs. After re-installing XP, I ended having to download two service packs for it, 28 updates, and 73 security updates. I also had to reload my antivirus software and update that. Also, I used carbonite to bring back all the pics I had on my computer. (However, it doesn't back up video. It was okay, as I really didn't have any video I needed to save anyway, but some sort of warning from them would have been nice.)

It was a day or so of work, but it seems to have done the trick. My computer now boots up in two or three minutes, instead of the fifteen it had been taking before. It also acts a lot less buggy now, with a lot fewer crashes. It basically acts like its new.

One of the many pics on my computer. Ah, that trip to Vegas was something...