Saturday, September 26, 2009

USF 17/FSU 7

Leavitt getting iced-down.

My alma-mater rules....

USF/FSU halftime

So far, so good. USF is winning 14-0.

I have my fingers crossed.

As for the commercials, ESPNU has ads for wallet organizers, closet organizers, snuggies, and specialize "brownie" pans. Evidently, there's not much money in broadcasting these games.

Still though, I'm hooting, hollering, wearing my USF shirt, and drinking beer.

Still though, I have my fingers crossed. My commuter school playing against the Seminoles? That's insane....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Kami in Kamikaze

Amaterasu Omikami

Although my headline might overstate the connectedness between the kami (god) Amaterasu, and the kamikaze, this article in the Japan Times does make something of a connection between them. It also ties together their flag, the Hinomaru, with sun-worship and heliocentricity.

Sixteen-rayed naval variant of the Hinomaru. The original flag dates back to 1274.

I've been reading up on this stuff, as I'm trying to write a science-fiction story with Japanese characters. And yes, one of them is named Amaterasu Omikami.

Regardless, this is an interesting read....

Japan Times article on sun goddess

USF 40, Wofford 7

Last night, I went to my first USF game as an alumnus. I sat way up in the cheap seats, as they were really cheap. My ticket cost $11, compared to $39 for second tier, or $33 for first tier. (No, I'm not sure why first tier is cheaper than second. Perhaps a little elevation is necessary for best viewing of football?)

Regardless, I noticed that it was the student section where all the action was. It was the only section that was packed. And even though I was far up and on the other side of th stadium from them, I could still hear their fight songs and such.

If you look back far enough in this blog, you can find my videos from when I sat in that section. Going to games was a lot more fun then. Yes, I feel there's a lot more cachet in being a 42 year-old alumnus rather than a 41 year-old undergrad. (If someone doesn't ask when I graduated, I can let them believe it was twenty years ago.) However, I found myself growing nostalgic for last year.

For those who did graduate twenty years ago, from a school that had football back then, it must be really tough to go to a home game. Last night made me wonder how I'm going to feel at games in 2019 or 2029.

Of course if I went for a master's degree, I could probably sit in the student section again. Hmmm....