Sunday, September 6, 2009

USF 40, Wofford 7

Last night, I went to my first USF game as an alumnus. I sat way up in the cheap seats, as they were really cheap. My ticket cost $11, compared to $39 for second tier, or $33 for first tier. (No, I'm not sure why first tier is cheaper than second. Perhaps a little elevation is necessary for best viewing of football?)

Regardless, I noticed that it was the student section where all the action was. It was the only section that was packed. And even though I was far up and on the other side of th stadium from them, I could still hear their fight songs and such.

If you look back far enough in this blog, you can find my videos from when I sat in that section. Going to games was a lot more fun then. Yes, I feel there's a lot more cachet in being a 42 year-old alumnus rather than a 41 year-old undergrad. (If someone doesn't ask when I graduated, I can let them believe it was twenty years ago.) However, I found myself growing nostalgic for last year.

For those who did graduate twenty years ago, from a school that had football back then, it must be really tough to go to a home game. Last night made me wonder how I'm going to feel at games in 2019 or 2029.

Of course if I went for a master's degree, I could probably sit in the student section again. Hmmm....

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