Monday, November 7, 2011

Buccaneers Anonymous

"I have wept openly when the Bucs have lost. I have wept openly when the Bucs have won. I have wept openly when the Bucs have had a bye week. I do a lot of weeping, for I am a Bucs fan."

I guess this is as good a time as any to admit to buying a season ticket to the Bucs this year. They're blacked-out again this year (same as last) so it's the only way to see them. (Well, it's either that, or drive down to Fort Meyers, the closest market that's not blacked-out. But seeing as the driving distance is the same, why not just go see the damn game in person?)

By a strange coincidence, one of the HR reps where I work is involved with the "Bucs Bus" pictured above. Though I walk by this bus on the way into every game I haven't seen her at any of them yet. I hear she messed up her knee so that might be the problem; she's been out of work for all this month.

They have a website, with more pics. I don't quite see the point of having such a set-up. When I tailgate, I literally sit on the tailgate of my truck. But to each his own.

Me, I'm wondering if they can even watch the game on their t.v.