Sunday, March 29, 2009

ENC 4931: Assignment 5, Option 3 Post

Unbelievably, I may be able to use my little waste-of-time blog for assignment 5 in my editing class (ENC 4931). The option reads "a personal opinion blog and an inaugural 300-word essay for that blog".

As for the post itself, I'd like to write about how the federal government should stop subsidizing college for non-veterans. I've already posted twice about this, but in a roundabout way:

NY Times "Debt Trap" 1/3/9 (with link to NY Times video)

"It's Overrated" 1/21/9 (with link to John Stossel video)

I expect all you regular readers to be on your best behavior!


trumwill said...

Please tell me that those are links that if you click on will give you more details as to what you need to do...

Kirk said...

This post was just to get approval to do this project. It's not the project itself.

Anyway, this will be the last paper for this class. I'll also have to write one for my Roman Empire class, and that will be it for my paper-writing as an undergraduate.

I have no idea how many papers I've written in total. It's gotta be around fifty. I remember doing some on a typewriter.