Wednesday, April 29, 2009

RFID Paper, and chicks not digging other chicks.

Now seven beers into an eight-beer celebration, I have started looking through the papers I've turned in.

Though a group project, the above is almost all my work. Only the text on the last two pages is someone else's (Michelle's). Unbelievably, this never got turned in as Michelle, our group leader, had been a little self-satisfied 19 year-old who had refused to allow anyone else's work to see the light of day. Her version of this had two small pics, both about thumb-sized. (Apparently, she hadn't been able to figure out how to right-click on a photo to enlarge it. Also, my version is in Publisher, while hers is just in the rather pedestrian Word.)

Our prof had regrouped us after this project. It had been standard procedure. Though pudge-pot Michelle was gone, the incredibly-hot Catherine had been moved along into my new group. As hot as she was, she had steadfastly refused to do anything Michelle had asked of her. She would just play around on the internet and ignore her. (Our class was in a computer lab.) I honestly hadn't been looking forward to working with her, especially as I was the new group leader.

Quite incredibly, it was like night and day. Catherine had no problem doing what I asked of her. She would leap to whatever assignment I handed her.

Though I was supposed to learn about how to write papers, I learned something about women: some of them refuse to be led by other women. It's just that simple.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the jpeg's of my work. And yeah, I'm apparently a chauvenist when I'm drunk.

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