Friday, July 17, 2009

Tour de France

Heinrich Haussler, riding the top tube of his bike. Not a recommended technique for amateurs!

This is the first time the race has been broadcast in HD. It's also the first time I've watched it. Holy mackerel, it looks good. I've watched only a few stages of it so far, but I'm starting to get hooked on it. One thing I like, is that there's not much to understand. Like track and field, you can pretty much tell who's winning. Also, it seems like a pure sport to me, in that the win comes from a mix of effort, desire, strength, and stamina. This is unlike many other sports, which require the mastery of some arcane skills.

Though I don't quite understand what all the jerseys are for, and there are undoutedly complexities in bicycling I'm not even aware of, I'm far closer to understanding what's going on than when I'm watching tennis.

The only problem is, watching these guys makes me feel fat!

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