Saturday, December 24, 2011

A 36" Tree

In a This is Spinal Tap moment, I accidentally ordered a 36" tree when I wanted a 36' one. Just as well. I have no idea how I would have gotten a 36-foot tree in here anyway.


The big snowflakes are new this year. Also, I added a string of white bulbs hanging from the railing. Like the snowflakes they're LED's so they should last a long time.

I looked around, and I seem to be the only one in the complex who has hung icicle lights. I have them hanging at the edges of the balcony, and over my sliding-glass doors.

Anyway it's not too bad of a decorating job, considering I didn't even start until 4 pm today. (I watched the Bucs lose their ninth straight. Aargh!)

As with last year, I figured I'd post "In Hoc Anno Domini," which the Wall Street Journal has published every Christmas Eve since 1949. It's not exactly cheerful, but it gives a good idea (I think) of what Christmas is all about.

In Hoc Anno Domini

So, I have presents to wrap. Also, like I do every year, I'm going to watch the midnight mass from St. Peter's. (No, I'm not Catholic, but they do this stuff up right.)

So, Merry Christmas!

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