Friday, February 22, 2013

Concert Lighter: FGS Bayern D183

Everyone needs a Concert Lighter. That is, a lighter used just for concerts. I'll confess to taking this one to work. (I needed to shrink some "heat shrink" material, and thought this would be a cool way to do it.) But this puppy is for special occasions. After a quick stop to pick up fluid and flints, I'm on my way to the Dead Sara / Muse show tomorrow. No one I work with has ever heard of D.S. Most have never heard of Muse. WTF? Anyway, here's the embed for Dead Sara's version of Janis Joplin's "Blue Was the Feeling For You."


Anonymous said...

Even though I'm not a smoker, I'd have to say that there's something more ... authentic about a solid refillable lighter as compared to the disposable ones.


Kirk said...

Hey, thanks for the comment. It's so rare I get one it takes me forever to notice it.

I have a couple of concert pics, but most didn't turn out too well. As for the lighter, they don't allow them in the venue any longer.

Seriously, I was blown away. Everyone used to use lighters (and the place used to smell like weed during a concert) but now there's no ignition tolerated. Not even a lighter is allowed to flare, let alone a joint. (Not that I'm into that, but it was part of the charm of going.)

As for signalling for an encore, everyone uses the lights from their phones. Weird...