Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cooper Hall has No Fire Sprinklers

My Shakespeare class meets on the third floor of this building. It's a death-trap. It has narrow hallways, overcrowded classrooms, awkward and confusing egress points, and most notably, no fire sprinklers.

I didn't even know it was legal to construct a building without them. Every other building I've been in has them, so why not this one?

It looks nice from the outside, but whoever designed this building had no idea what he was doing. Maybe it was designed by students.

Anyway, here's a good video demonstrating the importance of fire spriklers. I'll try to post a few more in my links section.

Two Houses Test


Superdestroyer said...

The sprinklers may be above the drop ceilings. Also, the building might have been built before the current fire codes and will have to refit during the next remodeling. However, most universities hate spending money like that so they let the building run down instead.

Kirk said...

The sprinklers may be above the drop ceilings.

I don't think they make arrangements like that, as the sprinklers need to be exposed to heat to work.