Saturday, January 10, 2009

Applying for Graduation

"All requirements identified below have been met..."

cap and gown...

Maybe five years ago, I visited the office of the academic advisors in order to ask some questions. While in line for an appointment, a girl came in and said, "I'm here to apply for graduation." They gave her the form and she left.

I still remember how much I envied her. Well, yesterday it was my turn to see the academic advisor and say, "I'm here to apply for graduation." It was so cool.

My SASS report (top pic) now has a starred announcement that tells the advisors that I'm on my last semester. As for the cap-and-gown receipt, it's pretty obvious what that is.

I haven't worn a gown since 1985. If all goes well, I'll be wearing one again in May. Though I figure my job and my life probably won't change much after graduation, this is still so very, very, cool.