Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ice Road Truckers

Natural-gas drilling rig. You can note the size from the two guys in the lower left of the frame.

Front end of drill rig on a truck.

Lowering the back end onto another truck.

"Two-trucking" the rig. One goes backwards.

One of two bases for the drill rig. It weighs 80,000 pounds. And yes, like everything else, they drive it over the ice.

Woman checking towed radar unit. It's kept in an insulated cooler, to keep it from freezing. They use the radar to check the thickness of the ice, before running big rigs over it.

I've been meaning to do an Ice Road Truckers post ever since I started this blog. I've always liked this show.

Some people actually work for a living. Even North of the Arctic Circle, in temps that regularly get below -40F/-40C (they're the same), people are doing jobs that neither Stefan (see below post), nor anyone on the staff of the NYT would ever touch.

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