Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ear Wax Removal

Because a picture of ear wax would be too gross.

Maybe ten years ago, one of my ears got stuffed up with wax. After trying one of those over-the-counter things with the bulb and all, I ended up having to go to the doctor to get it done. His nurse squeezed a "Colace" capsule into my ear (it's actually a stool softener) then blew out the wax with a water pick.

On the way out the door, they gave me a printout about ear care, with instructions on how to clean out my ears myself. Unbelievably, I still have that printout, and it came in handy when one of my ears got plugged up again.

Though I ended up having to plunk down $60 on a water pick, and $10 on Colace capsules, it was worth it just to see all the crap coming out of my ear. And for the first time in a month I can hear out of my right ear, which at first freaked me out a bit as I'd grown used to not hearing anything out of that side.

Anyway, I'm glad that's done. And I pumped $70 into the economy, which is saying something.


Sheila Tone said...

Kirk, I just don't understand why this buildup happens to some people. I'm sure you shower regularly. Do you not regularly hold your head so that the shower stream runs down into each ear to flush it out? Or do some people just produce a lot more ear wax?

Kirk said...

I figure it's because I had been wearing ear plugs at work. (The last time this happened, I had been wearing ear plugs, too.)

I went ahead a switched to ear muffs, as dealing with that wax was gross and problematic.

Sheila Tone said...

What did it look like when it came out, was it solid or liquid? Was it too deep to just dig out, or were you afraid of hurting your ear?

I'm kind of jealous of how satisfying that must have felt.

Kirk said...

Well, I guess I should have taken pics. :-) It was mostly solid. Some of it was a bit like mud, though.

As for ear wax, you're never supposed to dig it out. And I figure that if there's enough of it to totally block up the ear canal, then shoving in a Q-tip would only push it in further.

Anonymous said...

Did she put the actual pill in your ear? What was the procedure?

Anonymous said...

Pop the capsule and put the drops into your ear. I'm actually doing it right now. Some people, like myself, produce more earwax oddly enough it's just in one ear for me.

Jockson Rick said...
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Burton Adam said...

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