Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stage 13: A.V. in Red

Alexander Vinokourov, in red.

Rodez-->Revel, 196k/122 miles, same distace as San Jose to Modesto

A.V. is wearing red numbers, as he was given the nod for most-agressive rider in stage 12. In this stage he earned them again, winning the stage. He's had a pretty good couple of days, especially as he recently just got out of suspension for being accused of "blood doping". (That's where you swap your blood out in order to boost the platelet count.) It was never proven that he did anything, but he was suspended for a time anyway.

The terrain was mostly flat, and the riders rode through farmland. I'm still wondering why they grow so many sunflowers over there; I don't even know what one can use them for other than chewing their seeds as a snack.

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