Sunday, July 11, 2010

Stage 5: Cavendish Redeemed

Manx Missile

Epernay--> Montargis, 185km/114 miles

This was a day for the sprinters, and Mark Cavendish was back in form today. He was actually in tears on the podium. I guess it's been an emotional year for him, as he's had some ups and downs over the past year. Also, the more stage victories he has, the more are expected from him. This was his eleventh stage win over three TdF's. That's a phenomenal number.

Anway, "Manx" refers to his homeland, the Isle of Man. They have a world-famous motorcycle race there, which is coming up on its 104th year. With the Isle of Man being so small, I imagine Mark has met at least a few of the riders in that. I have to wonder if any of them have ever said, "Why don't you ride a real bike?"

Nah, probably not. Still though, it's surprising that someone from a small isle celebrated for motorcycle racing would go into bicycle racing instead. It's like someone from Hawaii getting into hockey.

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