Monday, July 12, 2010

Stage 6: Garmin's to Lose

Garmin Transitions coming into Gueugnon

Matargis-->Gueugnon, 227.5km/141 miles, same distance as Philadelphia to Washington D.C.

This was another long, flat stage, with just some rolling hills to differentiate it from stage 5's Kansas-type flatness. So, even though it was hot, it was another day for the sprinters.

In the last few km's, Garmin was seemingly the only complete team at the front, meaning they had everyone available to propel their sprinter Tyler Farrar into his first TdF stage victory. But in a case of deja vu, Mark Cavendish was simply too fast for either Tyler or anyone on Garmin.

No one could even stay in Mark's slipstream. I don't mean to fault either Tyler or Garmin too much, as Mark beat everyone. However, they keep interviewing Tyler every single day; I have no idea why.

Mark Cavendish, again, for 11th stage win in the TdF.

Most over-interviewed rider in the TdF. I'm waiting for him to tell Versus to quit bugging him.

The good life.

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